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Dear Friends,

Four years ago I ran for state representative because Michigan’s unemployment rate was 13 percent, our kids couldn’t find jobs here, we were running a huge deficit, and state government had unfunded liabilities of over $70 billion. 

 I didn’t make a bunch of promises – the platform was pretty simple.  We had to restore fiscal integrity, quit spending more than we took in, pay down debt, and create a better environment for the private sector to create jobs.  If we did that, opportunities and economic growth would lead our comeback.  With your help, we did it.  Michigan is growing jobs faster, incomes are rising, home sales and prices are up, and for the first time in years, a majority of Michiganders believe we are on the right track.  But more work needs to be done. 

 Here is some of the good news you can share with your neighbors:

·         Nearly 275,000 private sector jobs created in Michigan in the last 39 months.

·         A rainy day fund of over $600 million, and the budget structurally balanced ahead of time for going on four years.

·         Paid down debt and long term liabilities by more than $20 billion.

·         Elimination of 1,900 unnecessary rules and regulations.

·         The improving economy and state reforms have reduced the welfare budget by $1.2 billion, and caseloads are down by 30%.

I truly appreciate your support and input.



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